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YouTube Workouts I Love

I really want to get in shape this year. The gym has been beyond packed lately with others in the same boat as me, so more often than not I’ve been working out from home this month. There are a ton of great home workout videos online that are just as effective as going to the gym; and this way I don’t have to fight for a treadmill!

I still like to treat my home workouts as if I were going to the gym, though. This allows me to give them my all and not slack off just because I’m at home where no one can see me. For this, I still like to fill up my water bottle, wash off my makeup (if it’s the end of the day), and wear cute workout gear. For whatever reason this helps keep me motivated and it feels like a more legitimate workout in my mind. A couple of my favourite workout pieces lately are from Canadian brand, Yoga Culture. I have the Inner Self Toga Tank Top* and the Fragmented Yoga Leggings*, both of which are really comfortable while looking cute at the same time. The materials are easy to move around in and soft on the skin. They fit nicely and are made with materials that are kind to the environment. I really like that the pieces look cute, but you can feel good about wearing them too!

I have mainly been using YouTube as a source of workout inspiration. There are seriously so many different workouts online to target any part of the body. It can be hard to know where to start; but here are some YouTube workouts I love:

5 Stretches to Get You Feeling Flexible & Thinking Positively by Blogilates

This is my favourite for first thing in the morning. It only takes 10 minutes and is a really effective way to wake me up. The stretches feel great and leave me feeling ready for the day ahead. I love Cassey’s positive messages too. This little workout puts me in an instantly better mood!

Wake Up With Me Workout by Blogilates

This is another one I love for first thing in the morning. It leaves me feeling a bit more energized and is just as quick as Cassey’s other workout. It’s not too strenuous for beginners, but still a good way to start to the day!

After School Workout Routine by Love Sweat Fitness

This workout is great for after work. I sit at a desk most of the day, which isn’t great for my body. When the weather’s nice I try to go for a walk after work, but right now this is my go-to. It loosens up any tight muscles and it feels good to get moving a bit after sitting all day.

TRUE by Yoga With Adriene

This series isn’t finished yet, but I am obsessed! I’ve tried to get into yoga so many times before but it never stuck. For whatever reason it’s clicked this time and I’m actually enjoying it. These videos are a good mix of being challenging but also relaxing. I find Adriene’s voice to be really soothing and the whole experience has been great so far! She is uploading a new yoga routine every day in January so definitely give it a try! Each day has a new theme and has really helped me to appreciate slowing down for a bit each day.

Total Body Tone Up by Tone It Up

This total body workout is quick, but it definitely gets me working up a sweat! I really like the Tone It Up girls in general and I love that I can workout my entire body in one video. This one is perfect for busy weeks!

Ultimate Daily Stretching Routine for Flexibility & Relaxation by Blogilates

This video is the perfect way to unwind from a long day. The stretches once again feel so good and this video does a great job of helping me relax before bed. Did I mention you can do this entire workout from your bed? Yeah, it’s pretty great!


Do you ever use YouTube videos to help you exercise? Let me know who you subscribe to!