What’s in my Bag

What's in my Bag

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been revamping my wardrobe a little bit in preparation for spring, which has resulted in a new bag. That being said, I thought it would be fun to do an updated what’s in my bag post to show off my new (incredibly affordable) bag as well as what I’ve been carrying in it!

The bag itself is unlike anything in my collection. It’s from Forever 21 so it’s super affordable. I was really drawn to the pastel blue colour but since it’s not a colour I normally gravitate toward, I didn’t want to spend too much to get the look.

I think it’s really pretty and goes great with a variety of outfits. The simplicity of it makes the bag easy to dress up or down, which is always a huge selling factor to me. While it’s on the smaller side, it still holds all of my essentials while being comfortable to wear.

Here’s what I’ve been carrying around with me:


This is of course a handbag essential. This particular wallet is one I’ve been using for years as I love the black and gold combo. It looks cute but holds everything I need to get through the day.

Mints & Gum

Fresh breath is crucial so I like to always keep both mints and gum on hand at all times. PUR has been my mint and gum of choice lately! They have so many amazing flavours and I’ve really been enjoying mixing it up lately. Currently I have been having the Polar Mints and the Peppermint Gum, though all of the flavours taste great and are aspartame and allergen free!


This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Hand Lotion

My hands get really dry this time of year so carrying a hand cream with me is a necessity. This one from the L’Occitane x Rifle Paper Co Delicate Hands Trio* is my current fave as it smells amazing and moisturizes my hands really well.

Lip Balm

Along with my hands, my lips get dry this time of year too, so carrying a lip balm is a must. This one* from Air Repair Skincare is really great as it intensely moisturizes my lips and offers instant relief!


What do you carry in your bag?

This post contains product that was sent to me for consideration. This in no way influences my opinion.