What’s In My Bag

What's In My Bag

It must be my nosy nature, but I have always loved What’s In My Bag videos. I also distinctly remember loving photos on Tumblr back in the day that showed a handbag with its contents neatly arranged outside. A girl I used to work with and I were completely obsessed with seeing all sorts of pretty bags, plus what they had inside! While they have kind of lost popularity over the years; I still really like them so I decided to film one of my own!

Basically this is just my every day bag and its contents. I don’t tend to travel with a ton of excess stuff; so this is just the basics.

The bag itself is from Michael Kors and was a Christmas gift from my parents this past holiday. I love how it goes with any outfit and looks so simple and chic! While it may not look very big, it holds everything I need to get me through work days, running errands, etc.

I’d love to know what you carry in your every day handbag! Leave me a comment down below and let me know if you just carry the essentials like I do; or if you’re someone who travels with more! I’m definitely curious!