What’s Currently In My Bag

I've still been using my Michael Kors Hamilton Crossbody Bag nearly every day. It's such a classic and I love that it's big enough to hold all of my essentials without being too bulky. Here's what's currently in my bag:

I love reading ‘what’s in my bag’ posts and whenever I post my own they do really well, so I guess I’m not the only one! I’ve still been using my Michael Kors Hamilton Crossbody Bag nearly every day. It’s such a classic and I love that it’s big enough to hold all of my essentials without being too bulky. Here’s what’s currently in my bag:

MYTAGALONGS Goddess Plug In Earbud Case*

This gorgeous case from MYTAGALONGS is possibly the best invention ever! I always just throw my headphones in my bag and they end up tangled around everything inside; but not anymore! Now they have a proper home and I love the metallic finish. It coordinates perfectly with my bag too.

The Body Shop Hand Cream in ‘Pink Grapefruit’

This is my favourite hand cream! It moisturizes my skin so well without leaving it greasy. It also smells incredible, which is always nice!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Matte Lipstick in ‘Matte-Caron’*

This is my go-to everyday lipstick right now. The pretty pinky-nude is so flattering and pairs well with any makeup look! I love the creamy, comfortable consistency and always get a ton of compliments when I wear it.

Excel Mints

I’m not a huge fan of gum, so I always like to have breath mints on hand and these ones are my favourite!

MYTAGALONGS Goddess Charger Case*

This case matches the earbud case and fits perfectly in my bag! It’s quite spacious and holds any chargers I need. I’ve been working a lot more lately so it’s nice to have something to store my chargers in so I never need to worry about my phone, tablet, or laptop dying when I’m working away from home!


Lastly, I of course need my wallet! This little one saves space in my bag but still holds everything I need. I also love the cute little gold bow detail!


What do you keep in your bag?

  • I actually always love the tag ‘ Whats in my bag’ shame people don’t do them as much now, so I enjoy reading yours. I have similar type of things and also a large amount of random piece of papers , sunglasses (always) and baby toys ( I have a 9 months baby girl) .


  • how cute is the wallet ; i really do like it!

  • Dawn Tran

    Hi there! I have a very roomy cream Cole Haan bag which I have inside a navy Kate Spade wallet. I just get so lazy switching bag that’s all 😊. Then I have a tiny pink container of Vaseline since I hate lipgloss. A NYX lip pencil in nutmeg?, a MAC lipppie in Honey, Rimmel translucent compact powder which I don’t care for but trying to use it up. A Tweezerman tweetzer, you never know, there might be an eyebrow hair out of place. A box of Tic Tac always, Soap & Glory hand sanitizer, a pen, small notepad, always a couple of panty liners for emergency and that’s it 😋

    • I love the idea of carrying tweezers! It’s always midday when I see stray eyebrow hairs and I always wish I could pluck them right then and there. I’m going to have to start carrying some with me!

  • The earphone case is such a great idea! I always throw mine in my bag too and end up spending quite some time untangling them after. That case would be really useful!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • I love your cases they look very cute! I always loose or broke my earphones and this case could solve this issue x