Victoria’s Secret Body Scrub

Victoria's Secret Body ScrubLately I’ve been noticing my skin has been drier than usual. In the past when this happens, I turn to LaLicious Sugar Scrub and within a few days I have noticeably softer skin. It is a gentle scrub which I like and they have such yummy scents. It is quite pricy though, so when I was last a Victoria’s Secret, I picked up one of their scrubs for half the price.

The Soothing Scrub Wash in Acai is what I choose, but it comes in other scents as well. The formula contains polishing beads which feel really nice while it is exfoliating your skin. This is a gentle scrub as well, which I liked. Within a few applications, I had noticeably softer skin and I absolutely adore the fruity scent.

I often find that more expensive products really are worth the money, but in this case I didn’t notice a difference. If anything, I think I prefer the Victoria’s Secret brand as it comes in a tube as opposed to a jar which is far less messy in my opinion.

I really hope this is a product they continue to carry for a long time, because I love how soft it makes my skin. These scrubs would also make a great gift idea as well.

What is your favourite body scrub?