Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

One of my favourite holiday launches this season has been the limited edition Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette! It has such an incredible range of shades that are perfect for everyday wear as well as parties!

The packaging is different than any other palette in my collection. The metallic case is super fun and the palette slides out. There is also a big mirror, which I love! At first I wasn’t sure about it, but I’ve really grown to love the packaging!

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

Inside are 20 all-new metallic shades! I love metallics this time of year so I was smitten with this palette as soon as I saw it. On one side there neutral shades that are perfect for everyday and then on the other side there are some brighter, jewel toned shades that were a bit out of my comfort zone. What I like about this palette most is the variety. Since there is still a wide range of neutral shades it seemed like a good palette to have in my collection while giving me some brighter options to experiment with. I have to say, I’ve felt more inspired to try those brighter shades and have been really enjoying them! The palette really is perfect for any collection – it’s both edgy and practical!

The shades are so pigmented and have an amazing foiled effect to them! They blend so well and I experience little to no fallout with them.

The metallic shadows include “Ground” (a black with an iridescent shimmer), “Spandex” (a deep blue with purple shift and blue micro-shimmer), “Metalhead” (a deep purple), “Mullet” (a deep green), “Twisted” (Gold), “Aluminum” (a warm grey-taupe with an iridescent micro-sparkle), “Dive” (a medium blue), “Punk Rock” (a vibrant fuchsia), “Amp” (a bright teal), “Glamrock” (silver), “Bass” (a bronze), “Demo” (a bronze-rose), “Afterparty” (red), “Roadie” (burgundy), “Scream” (mauve), “Glory” (golden bronze), “Starfire” (bright copper), “Angelfire” (a pale pink), “Maiden” (beige), and “Acoustic” (a nude).

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

I didn’t swatch them all, but I wanted to give you guys examples from both sides so I’ve swatched “Acoustic”, “Maiden”, “Starfire”, “Afterparty”, “Twisted”, “Mullet”, and “Spandex”.

As you can see the shades are absolutely stunning!

Have you picked up the Heavy Metals Palette yet?


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