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The Ordinary Skincare

The Ordinary Skincare

I’ve been hearing so much hype about The Ordinary Skincare that I was eager to give some of the products a try for myself. The simple packaging has a sleek, luxurious look to it and I couldn’t believe how affordable the products were.

After giving three of the products a try I was really impressed and think this skincare line may actually be a little more extraordinary than the name suggests.

Today I thought I would talk you through the three products I have been experimenting with:

Advanced Retinoid 2%*

This is an absolute bargain when it comes to retinol and a great way to introduce it to your skincare routine if you haven’t already. A while back I did a post on the importance of retinol (HERE) as it really is such an important thing to have in your skincare routine. This one is gentler than prescription retinols but still works to fight acne and signs of aging. I’ve been using it at night and love how quickly it absorbs into my skin. One thing to note about using retinol on your skin is sunscreen becomes even more important than it already is at the ingredient makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage.

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution*

I have been especially enjoying this toner and think it might be my favourite of the three I’ve been trying. With 7% glycolic acid, the toner offers mild exfoliation to improve clarity and texture while boosting the skin’s radiance. It is gentle but I probably wouldn’t recommend this one if you have very sensitive skin. Much like the retinoid, sunscreen is very important to use in conjunction with this toner.

High-Spreadability Fluid Primer*

This primer has a serum-like texture making it very lightweight. It gives a smooth base to apply makeup on and has been working well with my dry skin.


These products, as well as a variety of others are available on the Deciem website.

Have you tried any skincare from The Ordinary?