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Testing Out Some Natural Hair Care From AG Hair

Testing Out Some Natural Hair Care From AG Hair

I have recently been testing out some natural hair care from AG Hair. I have trying more natural hair care in the last few months and have been quite impressed with the products thus far! When it comes to all-natural skincare it can be a bit hit and miss with me as I find a lot of all natural skincare breaks me out, but I’ve been thrilled to discover no problems when it comes to these hair care products!

Here is what I have been testing:

Natural Balance Shampoo*

This shampoo is over 98% plant-based and sulphate free. The formula contains organic apple cider vinegar to boost shine as well as argan oil and aloe vera to smooth and moisturizer the hair. The formula also contains a variety of essential oils (rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, sage) to naturally scent the shampoo as well as provide you with the benefits of aromatherapy. It does a great job of cleaning my hair while still being gentle; therefore think all hair types will love this!

Natural Boost Conditioner*

The conditioner too is over 98% plant-based and contains a variety of essential oils. This conditioner is perfect for all hair types as well. The formula contains apple cider vinegar to  nourish, detangle, and smooth hair. I love how soft and manageable this makes my hair!

Natural Dry Lift*

This one is 96% plan-based and works to add a bit of grit, volume, and texture to the hair. It’s perfect for refreshing second day hair and/or creating updos. I love this one for creating messy buns especially!

Natural Remedy Leave On Mist*

This mist is over 98% plant-based and works to detangle, reduce frizz, balance the hair’s pH, and add shine! My hair is noticeably smoother when I use this and I love how it helps lock in moisture.

Natural Rosehip Balm*

This balm is over 98% plant-based and makes the drying process more manageable whether you’re blow drying your hair or letting it air dry. It smoothes and seals the hair cuticle to add shine and elasticity!


Have you tried any of these goodies? You can get yours at any Chatters Salon!