T3 SinglePass Flat Iron

T3 SinglePass Flat Iron

My old straightener finally died on me, so after a week of trying to go without a flat iron, I was desperate to have one in my life again. I have really thick, wavy hair and it’s certainly more manageable when I can straighten it. I took my time before deciding on the T3 SinglePass Flat Iron.

This is without a doubt the nicest flat iron I’ve ever used! Not only is it stunning but it makes my hair look incredible! Typically when I straighten my hair I still experience some frizz which requires me to use product; but this one makes my hair look so sleek and shiny on its own thanks to T3 Tourmaline and ceramic technologies. It seals in moisture to help eliminate frizz, which is so perfect for me!

The white finish is really pretty and the small jewels are cute without being too over the top. It’s 1-inch, but I find I can still get through all of my hair in under 15 minutes.

I’m beyond obsessed with this flat iron. If you’re in the market for a new one, definitely check out T3! I highly doubt you’ll be let down by their products!


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