Super-Easy Burrito Bowl

Super-Easy Burrito Bowl

When it comes to weekday lunches I am all about fast but filling recipes. This super-easy burrito bowl can be made ahead and keeps me full until dinner time! While it takes a bit of time to prepare everything that goes into it, it’s the perfect recipe to make ahead on a Sunday for the week ahead.


This has been my favourite lunch the last week or so. I love how full it keeps me and it’s so versatile! You could swap out anything for foods you prefer, or mix things up so you don’t get bored eating the same thing everyday. You could buy pre-made guacamole, or else here is my recipe! I opted to add my tomatoes to the bowl separately¬† instead of having them in the guacamole, but the possibilities are endless!

Have you made a burrito bowl before? What do you put in yours?