Stila Wonder Brush

Throughout the past year I have experimented with a lot of makeup brushes. While there are lots of decent budget-friendly brushes out there; I have ultimately decided that splurging on a nice brush (like the Stila Wonder Brush) every now and then is definitely worth it.

I have recently incorporated the Stila Wonder Brush for Face and Body* into my makeup routine and while pricey, the quality is absolutely amazing!

This brush has become my new go-to for contour as it is the perfect shape; though it is a super versatile brush that can be used on face and/or body to apply product, blend, buff or sculpt. It works well with powders, liquids, and creams; which is a huge bonus.

This brush has two types of fibers: waved ones to grab product and straight ones to smooth and blend. The bristles are densely packed, which I really like and the brush fits nicely in my hand.

If you’re looking to build your brush collection up with quality brushes, this one is an absolute must-have! It blends out my contour perfectly; so my skin looks more defined in a natural way that isn’t too over the top.

Have you used this brush before?

This post contains product that was sent to me for consideration. This in no way influences my opinion.