SevenlyFIT Sports Bra

SevenlyFIT Sports Bra

With spring on the horizon I have found myself being a lot more motivated to work out. I typically don’t love working out, but there’s no denying how much it improves my mood and overall health. I really got off on the wrong foot in 2017 and found myself struggling to exercise. I’m slowly getting back into it and am really motivated to make some serious changes to my lifestyle.

I find weights, while important, to be kind of boring. I’ve been sticking largely with cardio to get back into my fitness routine as that is what I enjoy most. My main hangup with cardio though is since I’m a D cup, even with a good sports bra, after a while the bouncing can take a toll on me and running begins to hurt. In the past my go-to has been wearing a regular bra with a sports bra over top. This keeps everything in place, but the wire can get uncomfortable after a while too, so while it works, it’s not the most ideal situation for me.

I have recently tried out a SevenlyFIT sports bra * and I am obsessed! The bra reduces bouncing so I’m able to run as long as I want without my usual pain. If that wasn’t enough to sell me, the bra has no wires and instead has comfort shelf cups to help lift and support. The straps are adjustable so you can wear the bra traditionally or as a racer back; which is nice depending on what top I’m wearing. The front and back have mesh sections that compress and cool. The bra is made of a moisture-wicking material and the adjustable band ensures a comfortable fit.

SevenlyFIT offers a try before you buy option, which is a really nice feature as bra shopping really is a personal thing and the same thing isn’t necessarily going to work for everyone. The bras are very reasonably priced and 7% of the profits are donated to, a charity dedicated to stopping human trafficking.

This particular bra comes in black and blue as I have or else white or black. I really can’t get over how comfortable it is to wear; and I love that I no longer have to wear two bras to the gym. If you have a larger chest like I do this sports bra is a definite must-have!

Have you tried a SevenlyFIT sports bra before?