Rose Gold Nails

Rose Gold Nails

When rose gold first started trending a while back I wasn’t too fussy on the whole look. I’m a girl who much prefers gold, and while that is still true, rose gold has definitely grown on me and I now really love it; especially rose gold nails!

I’ve been choosing a lot of rose gold accessories while out lately and find the colour to be much more appealing to me lately. Most recently, I picked up a rose gold nail polish and have been wearing it almost every day.

‘Penny Talk’ by Essie is the perfect rose gold nail colour. It’s quite metallic and really makes my nails shine. With it being metallic, it doesn’t wear as well as my other shades; but I can still usually get a few days out of this one before needing a touch up.

I think this is going to make the perfect fall colour; though that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it in anticipation of the cooler weather. I tend to wear more plain colours in the fall as opposed to prints, so this polish is going to be the perfect accessory to pair my chunky sweaters with.