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Renew Life 30 Day Challenge

My health and fitness is something I go through phases of taking seriously, which I’ll admit needs to change. I had been feeling particularly bad about my lack of effort in the past few months when Renew Life invited me to participate in their 30 day challenge. I decided to join in and reboot my health and fitness routine!

The 30 day challenge entailed testing out the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion probiotic*,  giving extra care to my fitness routine, and eating healthy.

In terms of my fitness routine I really tried to add variety to how I was exercising this past month. I’m someone who typically enjoys routine but I thought I’d give mixing things up a try and I really liked it! Some mornings I was getting up early to do a 15 minute stretching routine to start my day, I tried biking at the gym, tried some at-home YouTube workouts, and went for walks with my mom most days.

I took the Renew Life probiotic in the morning with my breakfast. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that live in our gut. They are a very important part of a healthy digestive system as they support our immune system, balance our intestinal environment, help our body produce vitamins, help us digest food, and control overgrowth of bad bacteria. The specific one I tried (Flora Critical Care 50 Billion) is best for those who are using or recently used an antibiotic, are experiencing chronic digestion issues, or just are looking to boost their immune system. All of these applied to me, so it was the perfect fit!

In terms of eating, I have been trying really hard to cut out soy from my diet as it seems to be the biggest problem when it comes to my indigestion. I don’t have a full-blown allergy but certainly an intolerance and my allergist recommended I avoid it. Soy is in many processed foods so by cutting it out of my diet I have been naturally eating more healthy. I have also been making more of an effort to portion control, which has been a help.

I find tracking my fitness and diet with a fitness tracker is the easiest way to stay motivated. I love my Fitbit but for the challenge I was sent the Bellabeat Health Tracker*, which is really cool. It has a pretty design for starters and doesn’t look like your average fitness tracker. It can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. The device tracks activity, sleep, stress, and even your menstrual cycle! There is an app you can download to accompany the tracker too so you can see your progress right on your phone.


It feels good to be getting back into an established routine! Do you take probiotics?