Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

I love to do outdoor entertaining, especially in the summer. With the warm weather nothing beats sitting on the patio with friends and family enjoying the sunshine. There is something so much more relaxed about summer gatherings that I absolutely love.

When having people over it can be tough to decide what to serve. I’m a big fan of serving cheese plates as there is usually something everyone can enjoy on them and they are quick to assemble. They have a little of everything and are perfect whether you’re hosting a fancier gathering or something a bit more laid back.

I typically put out a few different kinds of cheeses, an assortment of crackers, grapes, and Matt & Steve’s Asparagoos*.

The Matt & Steve’s Asparagoos come in Garlic & Dill (my personal favourite) and Hot & Spicy. I’m a pretty big pickle fan, so I’ve been really enjoying the addition of the pickled asparagus to the cheese plate. Besides giving the plate some colour, they taste really good and give a bit of variety.

I think colour, different textures, and complimenting flavours can really take a cheese plate to the next level. You can play around with what you serve on yours to fit a certain theme or match your guests’ dietary restrictions. Cheese plates are so fun because you can really customize it with ease!

Do you have a go-to snack you serve when entertaining outdoors?


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