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New Sheet Masks from MaskerAide

New Sheet Masks from MaskerAide

It’s no secret that MaskerAide does sheet masks really well. They were one of the first brands I ever tried and are a brand I still use today. They have a great assortment for any skin issues you’re concerned about and they always feel so amazing on the skin. I’m a huge fan which is why I was so excited to get my hands on the new sheet masks from MaskerAide!

There are 4 new masks and they’re all very unique! They’re different than the original sheet masks and I think you guys are going to love them as much as me! Here is an overview of each mask:

Rosé All Day*

This rose gold peel off mask was the one I was most excited to try! It is formulated with honey extract, royal jelly extract, and contains 24K gold flakes to create the prettiest sheet mask I have ever seen! It works to give you a smoother and younger looking appearance. It gets left on for 15-20 minutes and is pretty easy to remove. Not painful like some sheet masks can be!

Bubble Bubble Pop*

This charcoal bubble sheet mask works to purify, detoxify, and give your skin a deep clean which is exactly what I have needed lately. It is formulated with charcoal, tea tree leaf extract, and spirulina for a refreshing feel. You rub the package to activate the bubbles prior to putting the mask on. Then, pop the mask on (no pun intended) for 15-20 minutes to reap the benefits!

Crystal Clear Mini Sheet Masks*

These little sheet masks are a fun idea to try with a friend. They are formulated with pearl extract, hyaluronic acid, an niacinamide to brighten your skin! Whether you have acne scars, dark spots, or dull skin, putting these mini masks on your problem areas will brighten the area and give your skin a healthy looking glow. The crystal shapes are fun and the masks can be used just about anywhere on your body!

Sweet Retreat Mini Sheet Masks*

Similar to the crystal masks, these dessert shaped masks are perfect for sharing with a friend. These mini masks are formulated with coconut fruit extract, ceramide, and niacinamide to deeply hydrate your skin! These masks are super cute and once again can be placed just about anywhere on your body that needs a boost of hydration!

New Sheet Masks from MaskerAide

Have you tried the new MaskerAide sheet masks yet? Which one is your favourite?