My MaskerAide Favourites

My MaskerAide Favourites

MaskerAide is a brand I’ve used for years. My sister introduced it to me originally and I’ve always liked using their products; especially their sheet masks. The packaging is always super cute and they have products targeted at all different skin concerns. So, no matter what my skin is going through at the time, they have always have a product to help!

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite MaskerAide products:

In A Clutch Sheet Mask Boxed Set*

This set gives you the opportunity to try all 6 different sheet masks that target different skin concerns. Inside you get: All Nighter (to hydrate fatigued skin), Beauty Rest’ore (to repair and regenerate skin), Detox Diva (to cleanse and detoxify skin), I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (to firm skin and soften lines), Pre Party Prep (to brighten, prime, and energize skin), and Weather Warrior (to calm, soothe, and heal skin). I love the variety you get in this set and each mask is incredible! The set would make a great gift or is the perfect thing to treat yourself to if you love a good sheet mask.

My personal favourites are Detox Diva and Weather Warrior, but all of the masks work really well and are such a nice way to pamper yourself!

Tell Me ‘Pout It*

This lip mask is perfect for spring! My lips get so dry in the winter and are in serious need of some TLC come springtime, which is where this mask comes into play. The mask hydrates, smoothes, primes, and plumps your pout in just 15 minutes! The formula has so many nourishing ingredients such as Manuka honey and fermented rose to really repair your lips. I love applying these before bed to repair my lips, but they also work nicely before your makeup – lipstick applies so well afterward!

All Eyes On Me*

These hydrating gel eye patches are a godsend after a late night! They feel so refreshing on tired skin and work to brighten, hydrate, and firm the skin too. They reduce puffiness and instantly make me look like I got more sleep than I did. I seriously can’t recommend these enough after a late night!

Have you tried MaskerAide before? What are your favourite products?

This post contains product that was sent to me for consideration. This in no way influences my opinion.