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My Favourite Non-greasy Hand Cream

My Favourite Non-greasy Hand Cream

I try to be more conscious to moisturize my skin in the winter. I have dry skin all year round, but it gets especially worse this time of year. I really dislike how greasy a lot of hand creams on the market are though, so I often skip my hands as I immediately want to wash the hand cream off anyway. I have discovered my favourite non-greasy hand cream though and wanted to share it with you!

For Christmas this year though, my mom picked me up a hand cream from The Body Shop in the strawberry scent. I am absolutely obsessed and have already gone out to buy a second in their grapefruit scent as well.They both smell absolutely amazing and come in pretty foil tubes that look like the L’Occitaine ones I’m always lusting after. They are the perfect size to stick in a handbag too.

And the best part? They aren’t even remotely greasy. I can’t get over how soft my hands feel after using them; and they don’t even feel greasy in the slightest. At $10 for the tube; you can definitely find more inexpensive options; but for me it takes me a while to go through a tube and I would much rather not have a hand cream that leaves my hands feeling greasy.

There are so many nice scents to choose from; so if you also hate greasy hand creams, I definitely recommend giving these a go!


What’s your favourite hand cream?