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My Experience with Total Cleanse

My Experience with Total Cleanse

Last week I set out to do a juice cleanse with Total Cleanse. I had opted for their Refresh Cleanse* and was really excited to give this whole juice cleanse thing a try!

The night before I got a stomach bug which carried over into the next day when I was supposed to start my cleanse. I still wanted to give it a go though and managed to complete most of day one before caving in and having some homemade vegetable soup for dinner. I then decided to use the juice as a supplement for the remainder of the time since I was sick but I would say I still had really good results!

I ate really healthy on the days, sticking mainly to fruit and my homemade vegetable soup in addition to drinking the juice, making sure to avoid excess sugar or carbs. By the end of day three I felt a lot better! My mind felt less foggy and my body was noticeably less bloated.

There were three juices in my set – green energy, lemon rush, and very berry. I loved the very berry and even the lemon rush was pretty good, but I’ll admit the green energy was not for me. I do want to try the process again in the future and would probably opt to create my own cleanse so that I could pick a different juice I think I’d like more. But the other two were quite good!

Even though my experience wasn’t as intense as a traditional juice cleanse, I think it still did me a world of good. I felt better after and was even down a few pounds! More importantly though, it really taught me about the importance of what I’m putting in my body. Since finishing the juices, I have been a lot more mindful of portions as well as what foods I’m putting into my body. I’ve been feeling great and look forward to keeping it up!

In the future I’d like to try a proper juice cleanse (when I’m not sick of course) to see even better results. Even just using the juices as a supplement made me feel better, so I’d be curious to see how much better I would feel after completing the cleanse.

If you’re interested in trying a juice cleanse for yourself, I can’t recommend Total Cleanse enough! Their customer service is top notch and the juices are all high quality. The juices are 100% fresh and unpasteurized with no added chemicals so you can feel good about drinking them! There are also a ton of different juices and cleanses to choose from. You can opt to select one Total Cleanse has created, or make your own!

Have you tried a juice cleanse before?