My Current Makeup Storage

My Current Makeup Storage

I recently moved into an apartment which has been super exciting to say the least. Lots of things have been changing lately, including the way I store my makeup. Being the only girl in the house I can now do my makeup in the bathroom, which has been a really nice change. When I lived at home I did my makeup in my bedroom and stored all of my makeup in my desk drawers. This worked well but I needed a new solution for doing my makeup in the bathroom. Enter my new Makeup Organizer from Sorbus Beauty*!

These acrylic drawers are perfect for storing my everyday essentials and it looks really nice sitting in my bathroom. The organizer includes 1 large drawer, 2 small drawers, 16 slot compartments, and a mirror to keep my makeup organized. I personally opt not to use the detachable mirror since I already have one in the bathroom, but it’s certainly a nice touch. The makeup organizer feels super durable and I love the clean look.

While this organizer doesn’t fit my entire makeup collection, I keep the bulk of my products in my desk drawers still and rotate the products I keep in my makeup organizer every week or so. It holds quite a bit though, so it would be perfect for the average makeup collection.

Sorbus Beauty has tons of different options when it comes to affordable makeup storage as well. So, if you need something bigger or smaller, this is something you will love at a reasonable price! I am obsessed with my makeup organizer and I think my boyfriend appreciates how neat and tidy it keeps our bathroom!

How do you store your makeup?

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