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The Must-Have Skincare Trio for Dry Skin

The Must-Have Skincare Trio for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be more common this time of year thanks to the drying effects of cold weather. My skin definitely gets dry late fall and doesn’t ease up until mid spring. So, I’m always looking for hydrating skincare products that will help make my skin look better and feel more comfortable. I recently introduced some new products from Mederma into my nightly routine and together they make the must-have skincare trio for dry skin!

All of the products are designed for dry skin and work well to alleviate any discomfort that comes with having dry skin. The products are nourishing and leave the skin feeling clean. Here are the tree I’ve been using:

Mederma AG Facial Cleanser*

This cleanser contains alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate your skin and give you a brighter looking complexion. That being said, it does increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun so it’s extra important to be using an SPF in your daily routine as well. The formula feels gentle on the skin and is refreshing. My skin always feels cleansed and nourished afterward.

Mederma AG Facial Toner*

This toner is designed to fight acne and leave your skin feeling clean. This is perfect for me as I have dry skin but I still get breakouts. The formula contains eucalyptus oil which gives the skin a tingling, refreshing sensation that I love!

Mederma AG Face Cream*

This moisturizer removes dead skin cells and hydrates my skin at the same time. It helps reduce my flakiness and feels so soothing on the skin. I really love the texture, it’s rich without feeling heavy on the skin; so I get the moisture my skin needs and it doesn’t cause me to breakout!


Do you have dry skin?


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