Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

I have been trying out some new foundations lately in the hopes of finding a lighter coverage alternative to my Estée Lauder Double Wear. With the warmer weather approaching, I like having something a bit lighter feeling on my skin. I recently tested out the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation and was actually quite impressed with the formula of it.

I found this to be a medium coverage foundation but it could be built up to give a full coverage. Despite being medium coverage, it felt really light on the skin, which was something I was looking for.
I applied this with my Beauty Blender and it gave my skin a blurred, powdery looking finish.

I do not like the applicator though. It has a wand which is supposed to act like a dropper, but I found it was giving me very little product, which took me longer to apply.

Applicator aside, I really like this foundation. It is really hard to get a hold of though, so I definitely recommend picking this up if you see it!