MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC Lipstick CollectionOver the course of the summer I have become re-addicted to MAC lipsticks. I had a couple that I’ve always liked but after getting a few more this summer it’s safe to say my small collection will continue to grow. I only have five currently, but my wish list is quite long.

Chatterbox is the first one I purchased. It’s from the Amplified line and is quite vibrant. Its red-pink shade is one of my favourites in the springtime.

Lovelorn is one of my favourite lipsticks in my entire collection. It’s a Lustre, so it doesn’t last as long as some of my others, but the blue-pink shade is so pretty and easy to touch up.

Hue is the perfect nude shade for me. It’s a Glaze and is such a pretty pinky nude colour. It feels really nice on and is my go-to lipstick when I do a smoky eye.

Lipblossum is the newest in my collection. Like Lovelorn, it is a Lustre. It’s a shimmery pink that I think is perfect for warmer months. I really like this shade with purple eye makeup.

Lady Danger is one of my favourite summer lipsticks. It is a Matte and is so pretty with slightly tanned skin. Its coral-red colour is so beautiful and it lasts a long time.

Finally, Royal Ball is a pretty shimmery nude. It is another Lustre and looks so pretty on. I actually won this one in a contest with another that I gave to my sister.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?