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L’Oreal Hydra Genius

L'Oreal Hydra Genius

I am all about moisturizers. As someone with dry skin, they are an absolute must-have in my skincare routine, though everyone should have a good moisturizer in their skincare lineup too. It is so important to moisturize your skin and L’Oreal has just launched their Hydra Genius line which includes three new liquid based moisturizers* for oily, normal to dry, and extra dry skin!

These moisturizers give the skin a lightweight hydration that is inspired by Korean skincare. The liquid formula penetrates faster, deeper, and longer than other moisturizers. All of the moisturizers are formulated with Aloe Water and Hyaluronic Acid to provide 72 hours of intense and continued hydration. The lightweight formulas feel so nice on the skin and are going to be perfect for the upcoming warmer weather.

The moisturizer targeted at oily skin is a gel liquid texture. It feels almost watery while still providing hydration. It helps to mattify the skin and improve your skin’s texture so it is smoother. I gave this one to my mom to test out as she has oily skin and she really enjoyed using it. While she still needed to blot her face throughout the day, she loved how refreshed her skin felt. She also loved how lightweight it was and that her skin felt hydrated without feeling greasy.

The moisturizer for normal to dry skin is a rich liquid texture. It feels similar to the oily skin option but is a little less watery feeling. It works to boost your skin’s radiance and freshen the appearance of your skin. I had my sister test out this one and she also really liked hers. She loved how refreshing it felt on her skin in the morning and found it to sit well under her makeup. She found her skin to feel very hydrated and she also loved the scent of the moisturizer.

Finally, the moisturizer targeted at extra dry skin is a balmy liquid texture. It feels cooling and nourishing on the skin and gives a healthy glow. This is the one I kept for myself and I really love how hydrated and calm my skin feels after applying this. I’ve been using it day and night and it has really made a difference in my skin. It also sits really well under my makeup, which is a bonus! The smell is lovely and I haven’t had any dry flakes since using this.

The packaging of all three moisturizers is so beautiful. The glass bottles and jar are amazing quality, especially for a drugstore range. All of the moisturizers have a refreshing, clean scent to them which I really like. No matter your skin type, you’re going to want to pick up one of these moisturizers!


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