Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturizer

As someone who suffers from dry skin and acne, it can be hard to find skincare products that do everything I need them to do. Rich moisturizers are great at combating my flakiness, but with them being so heavy on the skin, they can often times cause me to breakout. I also find a lot of products targeted at combating acne to be quite drying, which isn’t good for the rest of my skin. Moisturizers are where I have the hardest time finding a suitable option. I have found a really good one though: the Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturizer.*

While this moisturizer is best suited for those with oily-combination skin, I find it’s working quite well for me. It is balancing, reduces redness, and reduces the size of my pores while still being hydrating enough to keep my flakiness away!

It smells incredible and I love how lightweight it feels on my skin. I’ll see how it continues to hold up throughout the rest of winter, but this one is a definitely winner for me right now!

Korres does really great skincare, and this moisturizer is no exception. Whether you have oily, combination, or even dry/acne prone skin, I think you’d really enjoy this moisturizer.

Have you tried Korres skincare before?


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