Jewellery with Intention

Jewellery with Intention

My best friend has started her own business, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Cera (and her friend Jessica) have recently launched InCahoots which is a boutique specializing in handmade malas.

For those of you who don’t know, a mala is a bracelet made of different stones to help you count mantras and set intentions.

I have two malas made by Cera, which I absolutely adore! I told her about some of the intentions I had as well as some goals I wanted to accomplish in the future and she was able to make me two beautiful malas that are unique to me based on those things! My first one with all the round stones is all about love, healing, compassion, and growth. My seond mala is a friendship bracelet made with stones to keep mine and Cera’s friendship strong. Both are very important to me and I wear them daily.

I recently interviewed Cera so you guys could learn more about her cool brand and malas in general!

What inspired you to launch InCahoots?

To be honest, it’s a sad story but has a beautiful (ish) outcome. Recently, I’ve lost my sister in a very tragic accident. She was my absolute best friend, my role model. So losing her is literally the worst thing that could possibly happen to me. Her best friend and I started brainstorming /just casual conversation about things we could make and create. We then decided “why not?” .. What do we have holding us back from starting a business together? Nothing. So we did just that. We figured out a name (with the help of some friends!) and from there we designed our logo. My sister loved owls and had a quirky admiration for pineapples (ironically, she had an allergy but non the less, decorating with them can be fun!) We combined both and came up with our adorable little logo. We were planning and planning things constantly. I have a book FULL of ideas for holidays, regular stock, you name it but realized we need to just jump right in. You can only plan so much but eventually you have to take that risk. 

SO. I came across her gemstones and all of the memories over the years we had collecting them came back to me. She was so passionate about jewelry making in general but had such a love for gemstones and the healing properties behind them. We would spend hours picking out the perfect stones, going to Gemstorm and coming home so excited with our newfound love for it all. That’s when I decided, I had to make jewelry, specifically malas, to keep her energies alive. Her nickname from me was always Dolly, so I thought “Dolly Mala” had a nice ring to it when creating that line. Everything myself or Jes does regarding InCahoots, we always ask ourselves, “What would Danielle do? What would she want US to do?” because after all, she is the reason behind all of this. We are here to make her proud.

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your own business?

Having a say in everything done, being able to control everything being made/the way we want things to look/the ideas behind it. It’s amazing being able to make everything the way we want it. We want to make it BIG one day (don’t we all?!) and every day we inch a little bit closer to that dream. We are in the process of having out Etsy Shop up and running and our website! For now, it’s basically Instagram. We have A LOT of exciting lines coming out. So it will be more than just jewelry! I can’t wait to continue this journey & know that my sister is looking down at us, smiling. 

What is unique about your brand?

Every bracelet is different but all made with the same amount of love! I have a large variety of stones that I can choose from. I have raw gemstones, round ones (different sizes!) and different shapes. Every bracelet comes out differently, so each one will be unique to the wearer. I also make sure that all of my stones are cleansed by the Full Moon or Sunlight, that way only good intentions are being put into the stones from the very beginning.

Do you create custom mala bracelets?

Yes, I do! I make some standard ones with pretty popular intentions (reduce stress, positivity, love) but I love being able to make unique ones for clients. I always ask for the intentions they want their bracelet to have and if they have specific stones they are drawn to. If they do, I incorporate the stone into their piece and then add what I think compliments the meaning and the colours. It takes me a lot of time to make each bracelet. I start out by writing what they want, then I plan from there what will work best. Then finally, I sit down and physically make the bracelet. It’s a bit of a process but I want the most beautiful outcome possible.

Which stone is your favourite?

Honestly, I am drawn to so many gemstones for so many different reasons, I’ve always loved Blue Lace Agate because its so soft and the pastel colour is just breathtaking but lately, I’ve been loving amethyst. Amethyst has so many intentions to it, but I think I am drawn to it the most because it helps you deal with the loss of a loved one. 

Do you have a favourite piece you’ve created so far?

I honestly can’t choose just one piece (especially since I really love all of my custom made ones) but if I had to, I would choose the Hera Mala. It’s meant to help with healing, strength, confidence and restoration. The colours on it are just so beautiful and Earthy. It has Red Tiger Eye, Rhodonite and Black Onyx, so a bit darker in colour but just stunning.

Where do you ship to?

Right now, my clients seem to be in Canada, so I am shipping all over Canada but I am hoping to expand to ALL over! I’ve just recently sent off some beautiful bracelets to Scotland to be sold there! So that’s super exciting for us! I’m also working on a couple of custom made bracelets for some clients in England!
If you are interested in seeing more of Cera and Jessica’s work or would like to order a bracelet of your own, be sure to check out their Instagram page! It gets updated all the time with their beautiful creations!