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At-home Spa Night

At-home Spa Night

While I like to be busy most of the time, I’m a homebody at heart. I love nights in and try to have a couple at-home spa nights each month.

I always feel so refreshed and relaxed after an at-home spa night so today I thought I would share with you my essentials for the perfect pamper evening!

Aerin Body Wash in ‘Mediterranean Honeysuckle’*

This has been my go-to bubble bath this summer. It has a light and refreshing scent and makes my skin super soft. It contains notes of honeysuckle and grapefruit and has gorgeous packaging.

Tazo Peppermint Tea

I am a huge fan of herbal tea and this is one of my favourites. It tastes delicious and instantly relaxes me.

Patchology Poshpeel Pedi Cure*

Every once in a while I like doing a foot treatment, and this is my favourite one. It comes with ‘socks’ you wear for 60 minutes to dissolve dead skin and rough patches. You pour the ‘activating essence’ into the socks, place your feet in the socks and seal the socks closed with the attached closure. The formula is a botanical blend and contains advanced AHAs. When the hour is up you discard the socks and rinse/dry your feet. Peeling will occur over 3-7 days and you are left with insanely soft skin! This is my favourite peel I have tried because the skin comes off in bigger pieces so the peeling time is minimal. Patchology has also given me a coupon code for my readers so be sure to use: Liz25 at the checkout to save 25% off any Patchology product now through August 25th.

AmorePacific Moisture Bound Intensive Serum Masque*

I tend to do face masks on a regular basis regardless as I love the results I get from them but on nights when I’m taking some extra time to pamper myself I love using sheet masks. Since they force you to lie down and can be more time consuming, they make a great addition to an at-home spa night. This particular mask is infused with 100% pure bamboo sap to hydrate and firm your skin while boosting the skin’s radiance. You apply the vile of serum to your face and then put the sheet mask over top immediately after. It is left on for 10-15 minutes and my skin feels super hydrated and noticeably firmer.

Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream*

After I’m done the foot treatment or even on nights when I don’t do one, I love applying this foot cream. It is very rich and feels quite moisturizing and nourishing on the skin. For being so rich it isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly, which I really like. It has a light scent and feels so luxurious on. I love the packaging of this one too.

Nail Polish

I love painting my nails so I almost always incorporate a manicure into my at-home spa night.


I also love to have on sweats and slippers (my favourites are from Victoria’s Secret) and have lots of candles on hand.


What are your essentials for an at-home spa night?