Growing My Hair with Marc Anthony

Growing My Hair with Marc Anthony

About a year and a half ago now I chopped my hair off. I liked it for about a week and then I began to miss my long hair. Ever since I have been trying to grow my hair back, which of course is a slow process. That’s why I was so excited to try growing my hair with Marc Anthony Grow Long products*!

The range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatment, and an oil all designed to help promote hair growth. All of the formulas contains caffeine and ginseng for optimal hair growth! The vibrant pink packaging immediately drew me in and the products smell lovely too; which is always an added bonus in my books! I’ve been using the oil and the leave-in treatment for the past almost month and have begun noticing some changes in my hair; so I wanted to share my experience with you:

Grow Long Caffeine Ginseng Rapid Grow Leave-In

This leave-in treatment is lightweight and helps to hydrate dry/brittle hair. I love how the formula helps to combat split ends and breakage so hair can grow faster! The formula also helps detangle hair (which is something I seem to seriously need these days) and it gives me added shine. My hair feels strong and nourished after using this and is much softer! Also, the trigger handle makes application easy.

Strengthening Grow Long Anti-Breakage Oil

I also get nervous using hair oils as they can oftentimes make my hair greasy. That being said, I was relieved this one didn’t at all! This formula also helps to combat split ends and breakage for optimal hair growth too. It mists nicely and makes my hair feel super hydrated and soft. The formula also helps manage frizz, which is a concern of mine!


All in all, I’m really impressed with the changes these products have made to the condition of my hair. It no longer feels straw-like and rather soft yet strong. While I haven’t noticed any crazy growth this month, that is to be expected as it is still a process. I’m still really impressed with how my hair looks and feels regardless and it’s starting to get back to where I want it! I’ll be sure to do another update in a couple months to share how my hair growth is going using these two!

This post contains product that was sent to me for consideration. This in no way influences my opinion.