My Favourite Christmas Traditions

My Favourite Christmas Traditions

This is my last blog post before Christmas so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favourite Christmas traditions!

Decorating the House

I love all the lights and Christmas decorations, so putting them up is a lot of fun for me. We always do it as a family while we listen to Christmas music and get takeout for dinner, which is really fun! I like decorating, but I definitely enjoy relaxing with all the cozy lighting for the remainder of the season more.

Watching Christmas Movies

Nothing puts me in the festive mood more than watching Christmas movies! They’re so much fun and always get me excited for the holidays. Last year I rounded up my 10 favourite Christmas movies which you can see HERE if you’re looking for some ideas!

Wrapping Presents

While my wrapping still needs a bit of improvement, I love wrapping presents each year. I always get coordinating paper and gift tags to make them look extra special!

Seeing All The Christmas Lights

I love driving around my city to see everyone’s light displays. Grabbing a hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music really sets the tone and there are definitely some cool lights to see!

Family Time

Lastly, I love all of the family time. Most of my family lives here but we all get busy and don’t see each other all that often. Holidays are a great time for everyone to come together and visit. This year we will be seeing both my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s on Christmas Eve. Then Christmas morning will just be me, my sister, and our parents which is always my favourite part! Then more relatives will come over for Christmas dinner!


I hope you all have a lovely holiday! I will be back on Wednesday with more content!