Everything You Wanted to Know About Microblading

Everything You Wanted to Know About Microblading

After months of wanting to get my brows microbladed, I decided to take the plunge and I couldn’t be happier! I wanted to share my experience for those of you who are contemplating giving microblading a try. Here is everything you wanted to know about microblading:

What is microblading exactly?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that is less permanent than traditional cosmetic tattooing. A hand tool with super fine needles is used to etch “hair strokes” into the skin for a natural looking set of brows!

How long do the results last?

This depends on your skin type and skincare routine, but results on average last 1-3 years.

Who was your artist?

I chose to have Ivonne of Faces by Ivonne do my brows. When it comes to permanent makeup, you want to make sure to find someone who does great work. I saw Ivonne’s work on Instagram and was blown away by how talented she was. Each photo showed perfectly natural looking brows, which is exactly what I wanted!

Not only is Ivonne talented, but she is super friendly and professional. She talked me through the entire process and made me feel really comfortable. Permanent makeup is her passion, and it definitely shows. I immediately felt I was in good hands and think she did an amazing job!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Microblading

What is the procedure like?

Ivonne started out by chatting with me to learn a bit more about my brows and what I was hoping to get out of my microblading session. After that, she carefully measured every inch of my brows to ensure they were symmetrical. Once we were happy with the shape, she mixed the pigment (which matched my natural brow colour perfectly), applied a numbing cream, and then began using the hand tool to create the hair strokes.

Does it hurt?

Not really. It depends on your pain tolerance, but I found it to be virtually painless all throughout the process. Ivonne put a numbing cream on my brows to help with any potential pain but I was actually blown away with how painless the process was!

How long is the procedure?

Two and a half to three hours.

How long does it take to heal?

Everyone is different. The healing process ranges anywhere from 5-30 days, though on average most people heal within a week or two. For me, it took about two weeks before everything was completely healed. On the day I got it done, by brows got darker as the day went on. By day two they were extremely dark, though this isn’t cause for concern as the pigment fades as the brows heal. Days three through five I noticed scabs starting to form and even fall off. My brows became itchier and began looking patchy. Days six through eight most of the colour had faded, though I noticed it starting to come back in around days ten and eleven, especially my tails. By day fourteen my brows looked fuller and more importantly perfectly symmetrical!

How much does it cost?

It really depends on the artist. Ivonne’s rate starts from $550, but when you factor in how much time you spend doing your brows each morning, not to mention the cost involved in brow makeup, it’s definitely a fair price!

Was it worth it?

Absolutely! I actually smile every morning when I get to the stage in my makeup routine where I would normally start filling in my brows. It’s so nice to not have to worry about them anymore (aside from tweezing them every now and then). Since my brows were so uneven to start with, filling them in was always such a tedious task for me that could take upwards of ten minutes each morning to do. I’m saving so much time by not having to fill them in, plus I feel so much more confident!


I go for my touch up appointment mid-April, which I can’t wait for! I hope we can fill in the front of my brows a little bit more, but aside from that I’m so pleased with the results!

If you live in or around Ottawa like me, I can’t recommend Ivonne enough. Her work is fantastic and she’s so sweet! You can check out her website┬áto learn more about microblading as well as the other services she provides. Permanent makeup sounds kind of intimidating, but I’m so glad I gave it a try and I think you’ll love it too!

Have you ever thought about microblading?

This post contains a review on a complimentary service I received in exchange for a written blog post. This in no way influences my opinion.