Easter Bark

Easter Bark

This past Halloween I tried making a festive bark, which ended up being a huge hit! So, I decided to do the same for Easter but with a spring twist to it!

Easter is one of those holidays that I like fine enough, but don’t necessarily get too excited about. I enjoy the family time and my parents’ annual turkey dinner, but it doesn’t get me anywhere near as excited as Christmas does.

Despite that, I still wanted to have some sort of Easter content for those of you who love the holiday and thought Easter bark would be perfect! And, if like me, you’re not as into the holiday but still want to make something festive – this is perfect!

I used the exact same recipe as I did for my Halloween bark, I just opted to use white chocolate and pastel coloured candies. I found some pearly chocolate covered almonds, Hershey’s Eggies, little carrot icing toppers, and jellybeans – though you could choose anything you want!


The end result is so pretty and perfect for spring! All the pastel colours look great together, plus it tastes really good too, which is always a bonus!

How will you be celebrating Easter this year?