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Duwop Lip Venom

Duwop Lip Venom

I have fairly small lips, especially my upper lip, so lip plumpers are all the rage for me right now. I have recently been testing out the Duwop Lip Venom * and have been seriously impressed with the formula.

Lip Venom was the first lip plumper on the market and is one of the best I have ever used. It smells like bubblegum, which I wasn’t expecting, but it made for a nice surprise.

The Lip Venom enhances the lips’ natural colour and shape by increasing circulation through essential oils. It is really nice on its own but equally as nice over top of other lip colours.

It comes in a cute little tube and the usual tingling you get with lip plumpers isn’t too bad with this one and only lasts a couple of minutes. Results are quick and usually last 2-4 hours before needing a touch up.

Duwop doesn’t test on animals either which is great!

You can purchase the Lip Venom, along with lots of other products on the Duwop website HERE.

Do you like lip plumpers?