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Does Period Underwear Actually Work?

Does Period Underwear Actually Work?

Period underwear has been on my radar for the past year or so. The concept always piqued my interest, but wasn’t something I was completely sold on. I didn’t think there was any way I could get away with using them on their own but after hearing countless rave reviews, I wanted to try some for myself. So the burning question is: does period underwear actually work?

In short, yes.

Over the past couple of months I have been testing out a couple different styles of undies as well as a pair of leggings from Dear Kates, all of which I have been impressed with!

Dear Kates uses Underlux™ Technology to eliminate the everyday worries of leaks and stains. All of their products are designed to be used as coverage on your lighter days and as backup for heavy days. Also, for every pair purchased, they donate a day’s worth of period protection to a girl in need which is seriously so incredible!

Here’s what I thought about each item I tried:

Nellie Hipster Undies*

I’m someone who likes full coverage when it comes to my period. I want added comfort and protection that time of the month, so these were certainly my favourite pair. They feel snug yet comfortable on without being too bulky. I like how secure they feel on and this pair holds up to two tampons worth.

Ada Thong*

Throughout the duration of my period I tend to avoid thongs, but for the last day or two it can be nice to switch back to them as my period has lightened up considerably by then and they are my preferred style (TMI?). I love the cute style of this pair and it holds up to 1 light tampon’s worth.

Go Commando Yoga Full*

These full length yoga pants are designed to hold 1.5 regular tampon’s worth and are designed to be worn with or without undies. I haven’t been so bold as to try wearing them without as I feel it’s an accident waiting to happen, but I love wearing these as added insurance on heavier days. The pants are super comfortable and make me feel really secure. They are also great for workouts regardless of what time of the month it is!

Does Period Underwear Actually Work?

All in all I’m really impressed with all three. While I won’t be completely ditching disposable protection for good, I love the added protection and flexibility these give me.

If you’ve been curious to try these for yourself, I would recommend doing so! It’s such a cool idea. If you have a light flow, you’ll love the flexibility these will give you and if you have a heavy one, you’ll certainly appreciate the added protection! Dear Kates has so many different styles and colours to choose from too; so you’re bound to find something perfect for you!

Have you tried period underwear before? What was your experience like?