DIY Inspiration Board

DIY Inspiration Board

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season! I know I did, but I’m also really excited that it’s officially 2018. I’m feeling really motivated and excited about this year. I hope to crush a lot of my goals and be healthier and happier this year. That being said, I made a list of goals I want to achieve this year as well as an inspiration board to help remind me of them and keep me on track. It looks great in my opinion and serves as a daily reminder of the things that are most important to me. So, today I thought I would share with you some tips for making your own DIY inspiration board!

Start By Making A List of Your Goals

It’s important to start off by making a list of some goals you hope to achieve. These can be short term or long term, or even a mixture of the two which is what I did! Common themes on my inspiration board are travel, love, fashion, beauty, and exercise.

Here is how I’ve planned mine out:


I want to travel more, which is a long term goal of mine. While I definitely want to explore more in 2018 I know it won’t be realistic for me to become a world traveller by this time next year. That being said, I would like to begin to travel more so I put some photos of my top destinations (Paris, California, and NYC) on my board to remind me of this.


Love is another thing I want to prioritize in 2018. I’m beginning to feel as though I’m ready to meet someone I can share my life with and want to be more open to that possibility this year so I have photos of couples as a reminder of that. I also want to be more present in my existing relationships with family and friends this year so I have photos of friendship to remind me of this. I can be really bad at not knowing how to turn off my work mode and I know this can be an annoying trait to those around me, so I want to be more present with them this year.


Fashion is something I want to get into more this year. I’ve always loved it, but I can be quite lazy oftentimes when it comes to choosing an outfit. I essentially live in leggings and sweaters, which is something I want to work on changing this year. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I want to work on finding my personal style this year so I’ve put up some cute outfits to serve as inspiration.


Beauty more so represents my blog than actual makeup. I want to continue growing my blog this year and make it my most successful year yet!


Lastly, I want to get in shape this year. I know, so does everybody, but I feel more motivated than ever to take care of myself. I don’t love working out, but I love how it makes me feel so I’ve chosen some exercise photos to remind me to stay on track and take care of myself.

You might have similar goals to me, or you may have completely different ones. The point is just to have fun and think about what you truly want to work on in 2018.

What You’ll Need

All you really need is a bulletin board (or poster board), some double sided tape, and photos! For my photos*, I used Pinterest to find images that represented my goals. I then used Printiki to get them printed! They offer all sorts of printing services and the quality is really impressive. I uploaded my pictures onto the website to be printed, however you can link your Facebook or Instagram profile and upload directly from there too! I was so happy with how my prints turned out and the website is super easy to use with quick shipping! Printiki is also on Instagram, so check them out for even more inspiration!

Creating Your Board

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to create your board! Simply line the photos up on your board and tape them down once you’re happy with the layout. I tried to space out similar photos so all of my travel photos weren’t grouped together; but you can arrange them any way you like!

Once you’re done, hang your board in a spot you’ll see it everyday. I decided to hang mine up above my desk as I work at my computer everyday and see it constantly. Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated or uninspired I just look up at it to remind myself of my goals. It sounds cheesy, but it totally works!


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