Cold & Flu Survival Guide

Cold & Flu Survival Guide
Now that the cold weather has set in, it’s unfortunately cold and flu season. Of course there are certain precautions we can all take to prevent getting sick but sometimes despite our best efforts we still come down with something. Today I thought I would share with you my tips for a speedy recovery.

Get lots of rest

While it’s not always realistic to take time off work, making sure you get a full night’s sleep and slowing down your after work routine a bit will help tremendously. Just do the things that absolutely need to get done and then take the rest of the evening to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket and some Netflix.

Be prepared

If you aren’t contagious and can still make it into school or work, come prepared. Stock your bag with throat lozenges, tissues, medicine, and whatever else you might need to make it through the day. Working when you’re sick is definitely no fun, but if you come prepared it can help make the day a bit more bearable.

Drink lots of fluids

Hot tea and ginger ale are my go-tos. Drinking lots will help your body flush out the illness a bit faster.

Avoid sugar

Sugar can make your immune system weaker which will make you sick longer.

Have a hot bath or shower

The steam will help with congestion and you’ll feel a bit better even if just for a little while.


What are your tips for getting over a cold?