A More Casual Thanksgiving Inspired Outfit

A More Casual Thanksgiving Inspired Outfit

On Wednesday I shared an outfit I thought would look nice for a more dressed up thanksgiving dinner. While I like the idea of dressing up my thanksgiving dinners are on the more casual side and so I wanted to share with you an outfit that better reflects what I will actually be wearing on thanksgiving this year.

My mom makes the most amazing turkey dinner so leggings are a must for me. As much as I try to refrain from overeating, I know it’s going to happen so I like to be prepared.

I’ve paired my leggings with my tall brown boots and my chambray top. This way I still look put together but I feel cozy at the same time. I’ve also opted for a cardigan since the evenings can get quite chilly.

Happy thanksgiving to all of my Canadian followers! I hope you all enjoy spending the long weekend with your families.


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