Breakfast Nachos


Breakfast Nachos

Nachos have become one of my favourite foods in the last couple of years. My sister and I love going out for a drink and sharing a plate of them or making them ourselves for a night in. They have become something of a comfort food for me and I seriously cannot get enough. When I recently stumbled on a recipe for breakfast nachos on Pinterest, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of doing something similar before! I love breakfast foods so the idea sounded like a great combination of two of my favourite things. While I found the idea for the breakfast nachos on Pinterest, I decided to put my own spin on it:


The breakfast nachos were a huge success and tasted incredible! They are so easy to prepare and the end result is really aesthetically pleasing. They serve 4 as a main course; but these would be great to set out as a side dish if you were having guests over for brunch too. You could even prep the night before by chopping up your desired vegetables and leaving them in the fridge.

Another great idea, would be to just bake the egg and cheese on the tortilla chips. You could then set up a topping bar so everyone could customize their breakfast nachos with their favourite fresh veggies.

The great thing about nachos is that they are so versatile. With endless topping options, you are able to experiment with different choices, coming up with a new creation each time. The recipe I’m sharing is just how I make classic nachos at home except that in place of the egg I use queso cheese; but you could literally add anything to nachos and it would somehow go.

Have you made breakfast nachos before? Leave me your recipe down below so I can give it a try!