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Bootay Bag Unboxing

Bootay Bag Unboxing

This Bootay Bag unboxing is more of an unbagging, but you get the idea! I have talked about Bootay Bag in the past (here) and thought I would mention it again as it is such a cool monthly subscription service!

For just $12 per month with free shipping in the US, and internationally for a fee, you get 2 pairs of underwear delivered to your doorstep! The quality is really nice and you can choose your style and size. The brand also offers bralettes that you can add to your monthly subscription for an additional $13.

I always opt for the ‘Mix it Up’ bag as I like the variety. This month’s picks were really cute. The powder blue lace pair is my favourite, though the full bottom grey ones are really nice too. Both pairs are comfortable to wear with similar quality to Victoria’s Secret.

You can cancel your subscription, which is nice. This way, you can try it out for as long as you’d like without the commitment.

Also, when you use the hashtag: #undermatters, Bootay Bag donates $1 from each purchase to the Melanoma Foundation too so if you’re sharing on social media be sure to use their hashtag!