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Bleu Lavande Bath Foam

I’m a huge fan of bubble baths. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t you totally should) you’ve probably noticed I take a lot of them. Bubble baths are so relaxing to me and such an easy way to pamper yourself at home in my opinion.

I’ve recently been testing out the Bleu Lavande Bath Foam * and I am totally hooked! I love the simple packaging and the bubble bath smells absolutely incredible!

The bubble bath formula contains citrus and lavender, which is a really nice combination. You get the calming benefits of the lavender while also getting the refreshing benefits of the citrus. I thought the two might counteract each other but that wasn’t at all the case. The two scents actually compliment each other quite nicely and aren’t too overpowering.

The bubble bath feels luxurious on the skin and helps to moisturize my dry skin. It foams well and is affordable too, which is perfect if you’re looking to pamper yourself while sticking to a budget!

You could alternatively use the bath foam as a body wash if bubble baths aren’t really your thing. I really like using it in the shower too!

Have you tried any Bleu Lavande products before?