Biotherm Skin Oxygen

Biotherm Skin Oxygen

Biotherm is one of my favourite skincare brands and their new Skin Oxygen range is possibly their best release to date!

Rising pollution levels is not something we often think of when it comes to the quality of our skin but it actually has a surprising effect on our skin’s appearance and functionality.

Things like enlarged pores, an increase in oiliness, dark spots, and roughness can all be signs that pollution is negatively effecting your skin, but the new range from Biotherm is designed to help with that!

The collection includes four new products that all contain Chlorella extract; which is known as “the breathing algae”. It helps to strengthen your skin’s natural defense while freeing your skin from toxic urban attacks.

The collection includes:

Depolluting Face Cleanser*

This cleanser is a refreshing gel texture that just melts onto the skin. It traps and removes impurities without drying out the skin. The citrus scent is refreshing and makes the skin feel deeply cleansed. I love using it with my Clarisonic at night to really take the day off!

Oxygenating Lotion*

This toner has a minty scent to it that is both soothing and refreshing. It helps to detoxify the skin and correct imperfections caused by pollutants. It also helps boost radiance!

Antioxidant Serum*

This lightweight serum contains regenerating actives and antioxidants to strengthen and repair the skin. It evens out skin tone and gives the skin a nice, smooth texture!

Hydrating Gel*

This moisturizer is oil free and the gel texture is super refreshing. It works to reinforce the skin’s barrier while moisturizing stressed skin. It helps to reduce sebum so you won’t be as oily and gives the skin a luminous finish.


I really love how refreshing this collection is. My skin has never felt cleaner but at the same time it doesn’t feel dried out. My skin feels like it can breathe, which is such a wonderful feeling!

Have you tried anything from the Biotherm Skin Oxgyen range?


This post contains product that was sent to me for consideration. This in no way influences my opinion.