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Beauty Finds of the Week

Beauty Finds of the Week

This week has been such a blur! I have been so busy so I’ve been gravitating toward products that save me time and I think that’s reflected in my beauty finds of the week:

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea *

This mist is infused with nutrient rich botanicals and feels so refreshing on the skin! It works to hydrate, tone, and energize all skin types. I love the smell and have been using this to tone my face in the morning as well as a midday pick me up!

EVA NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo *

This is quite possibly my favourite dry shampoo! It does a great job of absorbing excess oil and has a nice, fresh scent! It’s formulated with natural rice starch so it’s gentle and doesn’t leave any white residue. The formula also contains Vitamin C and fatty acids which enhance shine. The packaging is gorgeous and I love the volume it gives my hair!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in ‘Hex’*

This lipstick is such a gorgeous fall shade and I have been so obsessed with it lately! It’s in the mega matte finish which is my favourite as it gives a matte finish that is comfortable to wear. Also, because this shade is so bold I can get away with less eye makeup which is perfect for busy mornings!

Live Clean Fresh Face Refreshing Facial Wipes *

Makeup wipes are a Godsend when it comes to busy nights and these ones from Live Clean are great! They smell nice and are gentle yet effective. The formula contains Live Clean’s trademarked Botanical Orchid-C Complex™ which seals in moisture and replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier. The formula is also alcohol and oil free so skin feels soothed and fresh. The wipes also contain Vitamin C to boost radiance as well as chamomile, cucumber, lavender, and aloe to soothe the skin. They remove makeup well and I love that they don’t irritate my skin!

Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool *

Dermaplaning is a huge trend in skincare right now so I was interested in the Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool. Basically, dermaplaning safely removes hair and dead skin cells from the face so your skin looks more radiant and makeup goes on better. Sam has actually been testing this one for me as she had been wanting to try it for ages! I figured since I really don’t have much hair on my face (not to say that she overly does either) I figured her review would be more beneficial to you than mine would. She was actually surprised by how much hair came off her face and loves how smooth her skin is now. Foundation goes on better now and I think it’s safe to say she’s hooked!


What have you been loving this week?