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Beauty Finds of the Week

Beauty Finds of the Week

This week has been a bit busier for me. I’ve been battling a cold so while my days are busy I have been trying to reserve my evenings to be a time for me to decompress and work on feeling better. This has included some baths, lots of tea drinking, and watching my favourite movies on Netflix in an attempt to feel better. I’m getting there, which is good. Here are my beauty finds of the week that helped me get through:

Graydon Skincare Matcha Mint Shampoo*

This shampoo smells so good! I used to drink green tea lattes with peppermint at Starbucks all the time; and this is exactly what the shampoo smells like. The formula is infused with matcha tea to soften your hair and prevent split ends, chia to help hydrate, and hemp oil to moisturize and strengthen hair. The shampoo is green; which is fun and while the formula is a bit thinner than most shampoos I’ve used before; it works really well at cleaning my hair.

Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer

This has been my go-to morning moisturizer. It’s lightweight, provides great hydration to my skin, and blurs any imperfections! This one is perfect to prep the skin for makeup. I have dry skin right now so I love the added hydration while still giving my skin a matte finish. The formula provides oil control for up to 8 hours and I think all skin types will love this!

Makeup Drop Silicone Makeup Applicator*

I haven’t been wearing foundation as much lately. I usually just pop on some concealer underneath my eyes as well as over any problem areas and I’m good to go. For that I have been using the Makeup Drop Silicone Makeup Applicator. The “Winter Glitz” packaging is cute and it helps me eliminate makeup waste. You apply your product (foundation, concealer, highlight, contour, etc.) directly onto the silicone applicator and buff it in. Sponge applicators absorb a lot of makeup during application, so this is really great because it doesn’t do that. I’ve tried it using high coverage foundation and while it works it does take a bit of time to buff out. On the other hand, when I use it for lighter bases such as BB creams and concealer, it blends out flawlessly in a flash. I love the natural finish it gives my skin, though it does take some time to get used of the texture.┬áDefinitely a cool beauty product to test out!

Maybelline Curvitude Angled Liquid Eyeliner*

Eyeliner is one of those things I feel I need in order to look put together; so I haven’t been skipping it this week! This ultra-fine tip liquid liner is super pigmented and long lasting; which are the two main things I look for in an eyeliner. The angled liner is perfect for beginners as it tightly follows the curve of your eye contour for a fuller looking lash line. It’s easy to use and glides on with ease.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co Wellness Bath Salts*

One thing that has really helped my symptoms this week have been hot baths. They seem to be the only thing that provides temporarily relief so I don’t feel congested. I have been sprinkling these bath salts in and I think they’ve played a large part in relieving some of my cough. The formula is full of great ingredients that have helped me to feel better. This includes epsom salts to help relieve achy muscles, himalayan salt to cleanse the skin, as well as rosemary, peppermint, cedarwood, and eucalyptus essential oils to to combat stuffy sinuses. I instantly feel relaxed the second I get in the bath and would recommend everyone pick up some of these to have on hand during cold and flu season!


What have you been enjoying most this week?


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