Air Repair Skincare

Air Repair Skincare

This time of year I am all about hydrating skincare as my skin is insanely dry! Not only does it feel uncomfortable, but it looks dull and sometimes flaky too, which I can’t stand. So, I was really excited to try out some new products from Air Repair Skincare!

Their skincare range is the only one on the market created to specifically combat the effects of flight fatigue and environmental stressors that affect our skin. While I don’t have any trips coming up currently, I figured my dry skin could still benefit from these ultra-hydrating products; and I was right!

I’ve been testing out the Grab & Glow Essentials Kit*, which was developed by skincare expert Denise Spanek, and is full of paraben-free, vegan goodies that help dry, dull, and/or irritated skin. The travel case is perfect if you have a trip coming up too, which is great!

Inside the kit you get:

Soothing Facial Cleansing Milk

This face wash is refreshing and works well to remove dirt and makeup without stripping my skin of moisture.  I love how clean my skin feels (which is rare for me when I use a cleansing milk) while the formula is still gentle on my skin. The formula contains aloe vera and chamomile to soothe skin and reduce any inflammation as well as rosehip and borage oil to repair the skin. This one definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated!

Complexion Quenching Facial Mist

I am all about a good facial mist, so this was definitely my favourite product in the kit. The formula is packed with complexion-quenching ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to instantly cool and hydrate the skin. This also works to tone your skin and gives you a more radiant looking complexion! I have been keeping this in my purse to refresh my skin midday!

Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer

This moisturizer works to repair dull, tired, and dehydrated skin. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and green tea to rejuvenate the skin while giving it a boost of hydration. It’s super comforting on the skin and isn’t too rich.

Super-Hydrating Eye Cream

This eye cream reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness so you look well rested no matter what. The formula contains aloe, Vitamin C, and green tea extract for a refreshing sensation on the skin. This eye cream also helps to instantly relieve dry skin around the eye area as well!

Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm

This multi-purpose product is a must-have in any beauty routine. The all-natural formula can be applied to the lips, hands, face, cuticles, etc. to alleviate dry, flaky skin in a flash! The formula contains sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter to nourish, protect, and soothe your skin. This is my favourite for lips, but I carry it in my purse to use on any dry patches throughout the day.


Have you tried anything from Air Repair Skincare before?

This post contains product that was sent to me for consideration. This in no way influences my opinion.