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Accessorizing For a Good Cause

Accessorizing For a Good Cause

As someone who wears a lot of neutrals; I rely heavily on accessories when it comes to dressing up an outfit or adding a pop of colour. I have always been a fan of wearing all black, but it can be nice to brighten things up with some jewelry sometimes. It’s even better when you can be accessorizing for a good cause, which is exactly the case with these fun bangles!

These bangles from Rosena Sammi Jewelry are from her ‘Who’s Sari Now’ collection and they look really nice paired with an all black outfit to add a bit of colour.

The bangles are made from up-cycled saris. They are all really unique yet pair well together. I often wear them stacked as shown above; but you could even opt to wear just one and it would still look great. You could even stack them with other bangles in your collection to mix things up as well.

Besides being really pretty, a portion of the sales from the bangles go toward educating girls rescued from the Red Light District of India; which is a really important cause. For $55 you get an assortment of 6 bangles. A percentage of the proceeds of each set go toward giving one week of school to a young girl rescued from the Red Light District in India.

The sets of bracelets come in a variety of shades. You can choose from bright, neutral, blues and greens, or a combination depending on your style. Each of the bracelets have a gold accent, which I think is really pretty. The gold accents make them look coordinated even though each of them us unique. The accents also make the bangles easy to pair with other jewelry in my collection. They are comfortable to wear and are fair trade too.

What do you think of these bangles?