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A Look at the Urban Decay Elements Palette

A Look at the Urban Decay Elements Palette

There is no shortage of amazing eyeshadow palettes launching for the holiday season. One of my favourites right now is the Urban Decay Elements Eyeshadow Palette*! I love horoscopes and the elements, so I was especially drawn to this palette which is inspired by the elements. There are so many amazing shades inside this mystical palette so I thought I would share a look at the Urban Decay Elements Palette for today’s blog post! Whether it’s already on your wish list or you’re on the fence about it, I think this is one of the prettiest holiday launches thus far!

The Packaging

This crystal-like case is sturdy and actually a lot bigger in real life than I thought it looked online. There is a huge mirror inside and I love the way the shadows are laid out inside!

The Shades

There are 19 stunning shades inside which are going to make some seriously gorgeous holiday makeup looks in my opinion! But, this palette is going to be a handy one to have year round. The shades included are: “Silver Burn” which is a smoky purple with pink iridescent sparkle, “Electric Air” which is a pinkish silver with an iridescent micro-glitter, “Tectonic” which is a chocolate brown with an iridescent micro-sparkle, “Volcanic” which is a bronze metallic, “Earth Bound” which is a forest green satin with a tonal micro-shimmer, “Hex Remedy” which is a bright purple with iridescent sparkle, “Fool’s Gold” which us a metallic gold with tonal sparkle, “Antidote” which is a soft warm nude, “Dream Weaver” which is a bright pink matte, “Ego” which is a soft pink-purple that has a blue micro-shimmer to it, “Fortune Teller” which is a metallic red-pink with a green 3D sparkle and shift, “Moon Rock” which is a metallic copper with iridescent sparkle, “Secret Keeper” which is a bright green satin with gold shift, “Luna” which is a white shimmer with an iridescent micro-sparkle, “Lioness” which is a smoky burgundy satin with bronze sparkle, “Elemental” which is a sienna matte hue, “Heavy Water” which is a bright metallic teal, “Sapphire Dream” which is a bright navy blue metallic, and “Fire Starter” which is a deep red with gold micro-shimmer.

The Formula

This palette has a nice mix of shades and finishes. Included are bright mattes, holographic shimmers, and molten metallics. That being said, there are very few true mattes in this palette, so if you don’t like shimmery shadows all that much, you might want to skip this palette. These eyeshadows blend out nicely though and are quite pigmented. I also haven’t experienced much fallout with these shadows, which is always nice!


Overall I think that this palette is excellent! It has such a variety of shades but yet pairing shadows together isn’t too much of a challenge. I personally love shimmery shadows, so I’m going to get a lot of use out of this palette during the holidays and beyond. There are such unique shades inside too so I don’t feel like this palette is too repetitive or alike anything else in my collection!

Have you picked up the Elements palette yet?

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