A Cool Way to Discover Craft Beer

A Cool Way to Discover Craft Beer

I remember when I first started drinking, beer was one of my least favourite things to drink. My taste has certainly changed over the years though and I’ve really come to enjoy beer. Trying out new ones can be a lot of fun and The Brew Box Company offers a cool way to discover craft beer from your own home!

The Brew Box Company offers an incredible selection of craft beers and even cater events! You can choose to buy bottles individually, or you can opt for their best-selling Brewscovery Membership which gives you 8+ different craft beers delivered to your door each month.

Each monthly box features craft beers for at least three unique Ontario breweries and offers a nice variety of beers that aren’t typically found at The Beer Store or LCBO. I tried out the November box* and was very impressed with the selection! Here is a look at what was inside:

A Cool Way to Discover Craft Beer

Eastbound Brewing Co Fresh Start Idaho 7 APA

This is the latest release from Eastbound Brewing’s single hop variety. The American pale ale brings juicy, piney west coast vibes to the lineup!

Eastbound Brewing Co Stone Skipper

This beer is a dry hopped saison. Dry-hopped with mosaic hops, this beer has a subtle balance of flavours which compliments the fruit notes of the saison!

Bandwagan Raz-P-A

This raspberry pale ale really blew me away and was my favourite in this month’s box! The toasty pale ale is complimented with raspberry flavour from real whole raspberries. Willamette hops are used to give this beer its mild fruity, herbal, and floral accents while a clean British yeast adds a soft fruitiness. Whole raspberries give this one its crimson red colour and a juicy raspberry taste. It’s also certified kosher, making it the only kosher fruit beer available in Ontario!

Royal City Exhibition

This session IPA is light with notes of grapefruit and gooseberry but also has a spicy note from the Amarillo hops. It finishes crisp and dry with only a mild bitterness. This one was probably my second favourite in the collection!

Royal City Remembrance

This classic red ale is brewed annually in collaboration with Wounded Warriors Canada & BSG Craft. 50 cents of every can is donated to the Wounded Warriors Canada program, which is amazing! It tastes delicious, and you’re helping a great cause!

Royal City 100 Steps

This standard stout has notes of chocolate, coffee, and dried fruit. This beer pairs well with BBQ and chocolate. Normally I don’t go for stouts, but I was pretty impressed with this one!

Royal City Oktoberfest

This Oktoberfest lager has aromas of bread crust, caramel, and nuts. This juicy malt flavour grows into bread and nut notes which then finishes as a caramel nut combo with a hint of herbal, grassy hops. This is a full bodied beer but is still quite refreshing!

Royal City Autumn Ale

This squash and sweet potato autumn ale is brewed with sweet potato, butternut squash, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon! It’s not as sweet as most other pumpkin beers, which is a nice change – especially if you’re looking for a festive beer that isn’t too sweet.
A Cool Way to Discover Craft Beer
This monthly subscription makes an amazing gift, especially with the holidays coming up. Any beer lover on your shopping list is going to be blown away with the selection that is included! This would also be a fun purchase if you were planning on hosting a beer tasting party. You could have some friends over and all try a bit of each beer. It’s a fun way to start conversation and is something unique to do!