6 Lessons My Little Sister Taught Me

6 Lessons My Little Sister Taught Me

When it comes to being the older sister I think it’s only natural that I taught my sister many things over the years. As much as I like to think I’m smarter than her; she’s actually taught me quite a few things over the years too.

Since today is National Siblings Day; I thought it would be fun to share 6 of the lessons my little sister has taught me so far:


My sister has always been the pretty one, the smart one, the artistic one, etc. and it really drives me to improve myself. I think it’s pretty standard for younger siblings to look up to the older ones but it can definitely go both ways. My sister is a pretty incredible young woman and her just being herself motivates me to be more like her in a number of ways.

How to be More Kind

I’m naturally a very sarcastic person and can come off a little cold at times. I think it’s more of a defence mechanism as I’m actually a really sensitive person but you definitely wouldn’t know it. My sister can take things personally if I get a bit harsh with her out of frustration, and while it still happens from time to time, I often am able to slow down and process how I want to get my point across without coming off too abrasive. This definitely plays an important role in all of my relationships and not just the one we share.

How to Apply Liquid Liner

My mom taught me a lot about wearing makeup, but so did my little sister. She is incredibly talented when it comes to makeup and I’m often in awe of the looks she creates on a daily basis. She’s taught me a lot about applying different makeup products and has shown me ways I can improve my own techniques.

How to Be Protective

My sister is only two years younger than me, so I can’t remember life without her. I’ve always been very protective of her and think I have been right from the get-go. My mom has told me how proud I was to have a baby sister right from the time she was born and really; that feeling has never faded. Whether someone hurts her feelings, she injures herself, or something else completely, if she’s upset my protective side comes out. I’m allowed to make fun of her or rant about her, but no one else can.

How to Laugh At Myself

In my experience a little sister never forgets your embarrassing moments and has no problem reminiscing on them in front of boyfriends, extended family members, or friends. Whether it was awful hairstyles from elementary school, dorky dance moves from middle school, or cringe-worthy outfit choices from high school; she remembers it all and loves to bring them up frequently. She has definitely taught me how to laugh about all of those embarrassing things, not take myself too seriously, and accept that all of those things helped make me who I am today.

How to Respect People’s Differences

My sister and I are a lot alike in some ways but really we’re very different. While this can (and has) led to arguments, in a lot of ways our differences really compliment our relationship. We make up for what the other lacks and it has taught me that just because someone is completely opposite to you; doesn’t mean you can’t be really great friends who still respect each other. Sam and I are total opposites when it comes to certain things; but we still respect each other and our differences at the end of the day which is an important lesson to take into any relationship.


While older siblings are usually the teachers when it comes to a lot of things (how to draw, how to lie to your parents, etc.), younger siblings can actually teach us a thing or two as well.

Are you the oldest sibling? What is something your younger sibling has taught you?