5 Qualities That Make Being a Taurus Pretty Great

Ah, horoscopes. I feel like we all either love them or hate them. While the idea of them is admittedly a little cheesy, I find reading my horoscope to be scarily accurate most of the time and I possess a lot of the taurus traits. I find the zodiac to be so entertaining and while they’re a bit silly, they do have some validity sometimes. That being said, I thought today I would talk about 5 qualities that make being a taurus pretty great.

I got this adorable necklace and earring set* from Kitsch and wanted to feature them in today’s post. Of course they come in every zodiac sign and I love how dainty the pieces are. They’re so pretty and go with anything in my wardrobe; though they would also make a really special gift too!

Now, onto the qualities:

Tauruses are independant

While I like being social and spending time with loved ones, I’m also quite independent. I think this is a really great trait to have because I don’t ever feel I have to rely on other people. I’m comfortable spending time on my own (I even crave it sometimes) and taking care of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can still ask for help when I need it, but I do like to make a point of handling my own problems myself.

Tauruses are loyal

I’m definitely a loyal person. Whether it’s friendships, relationships, family relationships, or at work – I’m there. Tauruses crave stability (which is very true for me) so I prefer longer lasting relationships of all kinds and being loyal is a key way to maintain those relationships. That being said I also expect the same in return. I’m definitely the type that’s always there when someone needs me, which I would say is why I have such strong bonds in the relationships in my life.

Tauruses are ambitious

Ambitious people are more likely to reach their dreams, so this is one of my favourite taurus-traits. While sometimes I certainly don’t feel ambitious, at the end of the day I am. I’m always working on different projects and trying to find ways to help me achieve my goals. Currently I’m working as a receptionist, running my blog, writing 20 articles a month for L’Oreal, and writing another 28 for IT Cosmetics this month! It’s a lot, but these are steps I need to take to hopefully get further ahead and make my dreams come true, so it’s definitely worth those late nights!

Tauruses are reliable

Another important value to me is being reliable. As I mentioned before I have a lot going on this month, but because most of it is extra work I have agreed to, I’ve made sure to get everything submitted on time. I’ve still had a blog post go up each morning, maintained a social life (somewhat) and while sometimes I’m tired it’s more important to me that I do a good job and have everything done on time. Being reliable has definitely helped me stay focused and on task not just this month, but all throughout my life.

Tauruses are generous

Another thing I really like about being a taurus is that they are generous, which I think can be said for me. I often go out of my way to help my friends/family and would do anything for them. I really like helping them or going out of my way to make them smile. Sometimes this can put added stress on me because I definitely am someone who easily drops what I need/want to do to help out and not leave myself enough time for what I need; so finding a happy-medium is key for me.


That being said, Tauruses definitely have some less than ideal qualities too. We can also be stubborn, jealous, and self-indulgent to name a few things. Overall though, I feel like we get stuff done, which definitely comes in handy being a blogger!

What is your zodiac sign? Do you believe in horoscopes?


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