5 Podcasts You Need to Check Out

5 Podcasts You Need to Check Out

For whatever reason I have really been into podcasts lately. I know I’m definitely late to the game on this but I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. I have been really enjoying listening to them in the car, while I bake, and even at the gym! So, here are 5 podcasts you need to check out:

The Lively Show

This was the first podcast I ever got into. It came recommended to me by Tisha at The Nourished Mind. She thought I would like it, and she was very right! The podcast is hosted by Jess Lively and is great for female entrepreneurs and women in general. Jess’ podcast always puts me in a good mood and is really inspiring. It is also what has inspired me to check out other podcasts!

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

I’m a big Sophia Amoruso fan, so it’s no surprise that this podcast is next on my list. I loved Girlboss (the book and the show) and so this podcast was a perfect fit for me. Each episode, Sophia interviews different boundary-pushing women in a funny yet honest way. The conversations are mostly about redefining success and are super inspirational!

The Goal Digger

Hosted by Jenna Kutcher, this business podcast is super inspiring and I really like the live-workshop style of it. It really helps you define your goals and shows you how you can reach them. I always feel really motivated and energized after each episode!

Coffee Break: French

I took french immersion in school but have certainly lost quite a bit of my french along the way. I haven’t had to use it since high school so I’m certainly out of practice. Coffee Break: French is helping me to get it back! It’s done in 15-20 minute intervals so it isn’t overwhelming and beginners and those with more experience will both really enjoy this podcast in my opinion. I’m still at a place where it’s quite basic for me, but I’m excited to continue working my way through the episodes to learn more.

The Influencer Podcast

I think I saved the best for last. If you’re a blogger or influencer, this is the podcast for you! It’s so inspiring and full of useful information that really helps. Julie Solomon hosts and each episode she chats with a different influencer. I love how we get to hear each influencer’s different story and about how they found success. Each episode is jam-packed with information and tricks that are actually beneficial. I find a lot of time influencers can be vague about how they found success, but with this podcast they get right into it; which I appreciate! After each episode I always have a million different ways I want to improve my own blog and find it to be an amazing resource!


What are your favourite podcasts?