4 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

4 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

I have been blogging for over two and a half years and I think it’s pretty safe to say that I love it. My blogging journey began as a hobby but it has become such a big part of my life. It is something I am extremely passionate about so I wanted to share 4 reasons why I love blogging so much. If you’re a blogger yourself I’m sure you’ll find my list easy to relate to. But, if you’ve been thinking of maybe starting a blog of your own I hope you’ll find it to be inspirational.

I knew running my own blog was going to take some work but I underestimated just how much in the beginning. I put so much time into my blog and even more so now that I have re-branded. It is something I truly love to do though and is so much more than slapping up a few paragraphs about a topic and taking a photo. While it isn’t as easy as I initially thought it would be, it is so much more rewarding than I ever thought it could be.

I really love blogging as a whole and there isn’t too much I have to complain about. Here are the top reasons why I love blogging so much:

It allows me to be creative

My educational background is in office administration, so for work I have mainly had jobs in an office environment as a receptionist for the majority of my adult life. While it is something I enjoy, there is usually minimal opportunity to be creative and the tasks are quite repetitive. I like routine so I don’t have a problem with that but it is nice to have an outlet for my time off that allows me to be creative. Since this is my space I am able to post content about anything I want. I am able to be creative when coming up with new blog post ideas, taking photos, making videos, and posting on social media. It is a really nice change of pace to be able to create things and use a different part of my brain in my off time.

It allows me to connect with people all over the world

I have readers that live all over the world and I love that I am able to connect with people from different countries. It is so interesting to chat about what people find interesting all over the world and hear about their lives as well. I read a lot of blogs in my downtime and love learning about other people’s cultures. That being said, I also love to chat with my readers from Canada and the United States where things are similar as well. The blogging community is so warm and welcoming for the most part and talking with my readers always brightens my day!

It makes me more productive

I am definitely guilty of doing things strictly so I can blog about it. These are usually things I want to do but can ‘never’ find the time to get done. My blog motivates me. Whether it’s to workout so I can talk about my fitness journey, to do a DIY project that I can share, or even making something new for dinner so I can post the recipe. For whatever reason these things suddenly become worth doing if I can blog about them versus just doing them for myself. I accomplish more and feel better about myself, which is an incredible feeling.

It keeps me busy

I’m someone who needs to stay busy so blogging is great for doing just that! There are so many little things that go into running a blog; so my work is never completely done. It sounds like a lot I really enjoy working on it and it never really feels like work to me.

While the actual content I post is the most important factor when it comes to blogging, I actually spend more time editing said blog posts, taking photos to insert into my posts, editing those photos, making sure my posts are SEO-friendly, filming and editing videos, as well promoting my blog on social media platforms. When I’m finished with one post, I then start working on another post. And, when I’m not working on my own content it’s important for me to read and comment on other blogs.

There is always something to work on and while that can sound overwhelming, it’s my blog and I can choose how often I want to work on those things. For me, having new content daily can be challenging sometimes but it is also something I really enjoy doing. This means I’m working on my blog during almost all of my free time; but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. The great thing is that it can keep you as busy (or not) as you’d like to be.


Do you have a blog? What do you love about blogging?